Saturday, January 1, 2011

The most famous Torana Sports Sedan.

Well, in my opinion anyway.
Remember this photo from our Easter visit to The Mill in 2009?
The paint had been rubbed back and revealed so many layers of different liveries that it's given quite a history including its life as the Colin Bond Rallycross supercar and the almost unbeatable Capt. Jansen sports sedan. It belongs to Larry Kavanagh and he's been beavering away on it for quite some time. He chose its 1988 colour scheme with Harry and Leo's blessing and here it is at the fairly recent Sandown historics.
Martin Creely has some excellent photos on the VHRR forum. It went like a rocketship down the straights and Larry is working on getting it through the twisty bits. Anyway, when the new paint was applied there was a patch on the roof left as a legacy to all of its past lives with clear over it. It's also got Harry Firth's and Bruce Watt's autographs preserved on the car. CAMS has created an historic class for these cars now called Group U.


Graeme said...

At all the Rallycross I ever saw (Calder and the Catalina track at Katoomba) it was Peter Brock driving. Colin Bond did the traditional rallies.

John L said...

You're right of course, Graeme. This car was driven by Colin as both a touring car and a rally car.