Sunday, January 16, 2011

That Mark 5.

Colin's sent some more pics and some description.
Has HR front end with HQ discs and VL Commodore rear end

Hot HP block with trimatic

Good trim and interior, excellent brakes 14" commodore wheels and new tyres

Colin has sorted out the fiberglass including lots of strengthening to bonnet and roof and adding the flares

Just needs final paint

the body is now in excellent condition and body lines along side arrow straight

Reg history in Victoria - was originally built by Ian Napier in North Balwyn Melbourne

Last registered in Vic in 1978.

they can get Colin to paint it and drive it to Easter at Colac.

That was my plan before the bloody floods.


Colin said...

There are 2 Colins here. Colin the owner was having Colin L in SA doing the restoration work. paint and minor stuff to be turn key.

David said...

Are the HQ discs on HQ stubs? If they are it does horrible things to your steering.

John L said...

It seems to steer OK but haven't driven it fast (yet). Grant Furlong has though.

degruch said...

Definitely needs Triumph discs, hubs and wires, plus a triple SU inducted X2 under that flip bonnet!

Colin said...

It HAS a triple SU inducted X2 under that bonnet. The block is an HP block. I had a Mk 7 years ago that used a TR4 chassis and wire wheels and of course my old Mk 5 which I believe was the Mk5 brochure car had the wire wheels using adapted Triumph hubs fitted to the Holden front end. That particular car ended up with HK front and rear ends and looked very tough with the wide track stance.