Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hume Weir. Vol.1 - Bolwells mainly.

I reckon Hume Weir was a great place. Might be a bit of a worry in the safety department these days. Anyway, here's Doug, Trevor and Chris in action there in the 70s. Can't remember the year now but I might be able to work it out as we go along.
This is the Doug Seath Mark 7, clearly quicker than the MGBGT.
This is B8/72. It was raced by Trevor Jones from Sydney. He bought it in August 1972 as a Stage 2 kit (rolling chassis and body) - colour, Vermillion Fire. Mechanicals were from a GS Falcon - 302W & toploader. It was originally road registered and driven. Soon after, it was raced but still remained standard and still registered. Very late in 1975 things got serious. The rego was cancelled, racing flares added (see photos), plus 12" and 10" 2 piece rims, 8" diff, Spax adjustable shockers, extractors, new Boss 302 bottom end and dry sumped. It raced in ProdSports until the end of '78 and then was stripped in preparation for the '79 season. BUT, it was sold to Bruce Darling instead who fitted a 9" disc brake rear end, removed the dry sump and detuned the engine. Bruce painted it white and owned it for 9 years. In 1987 it was bought by Dave Lewis who shortened the diff and removed the flares. He chose 15" x 10" and 15" x 8" B45 Simmons.

We all know who this is. The name is on the windscreen for those who don't. You'll notice he's sitting on the wrong side of the car so this was after he flipped the old body which happened at Hume Weir too.

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