Monday, January 10, 2011

Another SA Buchanan without front guard cutaways.

Remember this one?  A bit customised so a bit unrecognisable as a Buchanan but a Buchanan nevertheless. It came to us as a supposed early Bolwell Mk.4 but it certainly wasn't that. You can see the hardware store Bolwell lettering front and rear but that alone doesn't make it a Bolwell. Vern Leng liked it and bought it and it was a nice car.
Look. There's my chocolate coloured Studebaker in the background. I loved that car. Looks like a very young Chris in the front seat.
Anyway, the Buchanan had a fixed roof. Vern cut that off. That was a huge improvement.
Don't you think? If I remember correctly it had a Y-block in it. (No, you blokes are right, it was a side valve). An interesting car. Not sure where it is now.

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Colin said...

I inspected this car 35 years ago when it had a flathead Ford V8 but it also had 1938 style Ford wheels and yes it was advertised as a Bolwell that time too. Doesn't look too bad topless and with the chromed wheels.