Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kapunda - week 18

Today is Australia Day and the car clubs are all out and about on organised events. This Jeep isn't part of any of that. It's just come out into the sunshine because the kids love riding in it. It's a Ford version, not that they seem much different to the Willys ones. There's 3 of these WWII Jeeps in Kapunda that I know of. At least one of the other 2 is a Willys. I had one when I was very young. It was great to drive and cost very little. Back then nobody ever realised that they would ever be worth anything. My dad was one of those blokes that used to go up North and bring back army vehicles that had been abandoned after the war although he didn't get Jeeps, just Chev Blitz trucks mainly. There was a heavy trade in war surplus stuff right into the 70s I reckon. Eldred Norman was into the practice of bringing semi loads of stuff from up there and even the Double V8 was built from ex WWII gear.
Even the wheels look like army truck wheels. Notice it's road registered. Mudguards are essential now, don't know about back then.

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