Thursday, January 6, 2011

100 years of the Spirit of Ecstasy

This year is the centenary of the "Flying Lady", the Spirit of Ecstasy, that has been standing atop Rolls Royce radiators for 100 years now.
They are highly prized, I'm told, by the "collectors" that prise car badges from cars and that's why Jaguar owners take their Jaguar emblems off and put them in  the car when they're parked in the city. This is also why a fellow Rolls driver in Blackwood had a number of them cast in bronze as replacements for when one was nicked. I must say we never had to buy one from him when we had the Rolls and that car used to get parked in all sorts of dubious places.
Here's an interesting variation spotted by a fellow enthusiast in the Czech Republic.


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