Thursday, January 7, 2010

TVR M-series chassis.

I used to have a copy of the brochure that featured this chassis. I may well still have it somewhere. Then I noticed it on Bruno's blog today and memories came flooding back. Memories of Tim's and my visits to Morgan/TVR dealer, Victor Kaye in Gisborne when we happened to be over at Calder where we became rather familiar with the 3000M of the day.
But doesn't that chassis have a ring of familiarity to it. Bruno, by the way, seems to be quite a TVR fanatic for someone outside the UK, but then the forums and discussion groups pertaining to TVRs reveal enthusiasts and experts from all over the world and in huge numbers too.


degruch said...

I've got this brochure, I got it from Victor about 5 years ago when he cleaned out his cupboards...he's probably still got a stack of them if you could track him down. Been eyeing off US prices for old TVR's, they're not bad if you've got the readies, quite cheap over there (provided it's not a Jomar or a Griffith).

John L said...

I haven't heard from or about Victor for a very long time but I do have in the back of my mind that he's no longer with us. I should know where I heard that but the Alzheimer's is catching up. Sorry Victor if you read this. It would be awful to read that you're dead. I read the death notices in The Advertiser every Saturday, looking for my name, but so far I'm OK.
There are TVR bargains to be had in Australia too.

Colin said...

what happens if you die on a Monday and the funeral notice was on Thursday? Then you could be dead and not know it as it would not be in the Saturday notices!!I wonder whether people from O/S reading this blog would appreciate the Aussie sense of humor?