Sunday, January 24, 2010

Of Mark 4s and Historic Registration

Here's a newspaper clipping from the motor section of Friday's Herald-Sun.We in South Australia are very lucky to have what is considered by most people to have the best historic registration system in the country. That's why we don't do anything outside the rules to jeopardise that system. Victoria's permit system is very restrictive by comparison, but it looks like some modifications are on the way to allow more flexibility.
That's Roger Allgood's Mark 4 in the picture. For those who don't know, that's the ex-Dave Bruce, ex-Paul Smith rotary powered car. There have also been rotary powered Mark 7s. Peter G has been musing over the various powerplants used in Mark 4s. He knows of the Holden Greys, Zephyr, Cortina, Corolla, Datsun 1200 and 1600, Ford 289 V8, Alfa 2ltr, Mazda Rotary and Hillman Imp. Offhand, I don't think I can add to that list, except for the Celica motor in the yellow one. Can anybody else?
I should devote more blog time to Mark 4s and think I will. Trouble is they are a bit thin on the ground in SA compared to other states.


Colin said...

I saw a Peugeot powered MK 4 GT color light blue several years ago in Victoria.

John L said...

Oh yes, there was one in Sydney too, gull wing coupe.

Colin said...

I took a picture which i will scan on my return to Oz.

My son was just born at the time so it was 30 years ago.

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Tim Backhouse said...

Mine runs a Fiat 1438cc dohc. (see pic)