Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mark 7 with the Nagari doors - part 2

After its heyday in NSW in the 80s the car languished for a while with the paint fading and the mechanical bits rusting and siezing as happens with idle vehicles.
I can assure you that it has not remained this way to this day and tomorrow morning I'll show you some very recent photos.


Colin said...

What was the rego number of the NSW Mk 7 that came to Shepparton Easter in 1970's? Was green blue with flat black repair to nose panel? you featured it in a where is it now section of the blog but I could not find the blog post.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone. I would love to fit nagari doors to my MK7. I just need to get my hands on 2 doors and I can do the rest.
Any ideas ??

Regards Greg