Saturday, January 9, 2010

Easter @ Bridgetown,2010

hi one and all, happy new year and may it be kind and peaceful to you all.just a friendly reminder with a sledge hammer for everyone interested in easter(and that that WILL be you all),to get your applications in. those from s.a, victoria, nsw and qld please encourage your members to get their forms in asap and to bring their cars. (more the merrier).any questions or enquiries please either email Errol or myself or phone me on 0417251630 or Errol 0418927901.thanking you all kindly.stacey- the manic pres of bccwa,
Just a little reminder from Stacey.
A few months ago a little sweetener of 22 photos were circulated of the delights of Bridgetown to whet our appetites. Out of that came a number of comments about the tail lights on Barry's red Nagari which are apparently upside down putting the amber bit on the wrong side which would render them illegal if applying for registration in Victoria I'm told. If nothing else, it has encouraged me to look at Nagari tail lights at every opportunity and I'm finding there's a good representation of both alternatives. I would never have thought to look until this. Blogs are funny things aren't they.

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