Sunday, January 31, 2010

more F1 and dust

Dust first.
On a day set aside for one of the regular "busy bees" at the Truro and Districts dirt circuit which will be having its very first race meetings this year, I want everybody to see what I think are the best GRID GIRLS ever. Here they are with their not so modern wheelbarrow picking stones out of the start/finish straight.
This track is only about a mile from where I started school. I bet not too many people even knew that there was once a Dutton school.
....and, by the way, McLaren have released images of their MP4-25, the car they are pinning their hopes on for 2010.Mercedes power again.


Jane said...

I like the grid girls!

Colin said...

John I did not know you started out in Dutton? a fine South Australian name.

John L said...

Only there for a short while. I was actually born in Henley Beach.