Thursday, January 14, 2010

240Z blinkers etc.

To answer Vic and Colin's queries I wandered out into the shed and took a photo of the front rh corner of the white one. Reckon these are the ones? Looks like there's a bit of panel work there when we get around to painting it, plus new rubber for the bumper.
And, Colin, here's the car you were talking about, Shepparton 1974. It belonged to Mike Exton at the time. Reg. No. DPI-036. It was advertised for sale, with photograph, some time after that in Auto Action, sporting a Nagari nose. I'm not sure where it got to after that.


John L said...

It was John Dickson, in Balmain, who bought the Mark 7 from Mike through that ad. Still got it I believe.

John L said...

In 1979.