Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trevor in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

This weekend was the first weekend of the New Zealand Motor Racing Festival which also includes part of the Tasman Revival as well as the tribute to Bruce McLaren (the Mclaren Revival). Because of this, McLaren sports cars and F5000s have arrived from all over the world. I think I have counted 38 F5000s competing, lots of McLarens but including 3 Elfins. There are another 3 Elfin sports cars there as well, including an Elfin Mallala that lives over there (the ex-Charlie Occhipinti one) running in an Historic class, but in addition to that, there are races for CanAm sports cars that include Trevor Lambert's ME5 and Steve Webb's 360 Repco, this weekend driven by Murray Sinclair. Up against some pretty formidable opposition that includes a few of those huge McLarens, including one of 8.8 litres!, and, I noticed, one of those later single seater CanAm cars, they've acquitted themselves very well. This weekend was at a new facility called Hampton Downs which is about an hour's drive out of Auckland. There were 2 races for CanAm cars on Saturday and another 2 on Sunday. Results are available on the Mylaps site, then select "car" and then select "NZ". From what I can see Trevor didn't make it to the grid for race 1, where Murray Sinclair came 2nd, but he was certainly there for the next one where he worked his way from 10th to 4th, Murray DNF'd. Next day, Trevor finished 7th in the morning race, Murray 2nd. However, in the next race he made it up to 2nd early in the piece and held that position to the end. Here's a few shots of the mighty ME5 taken in the Sunday races by Neville Cooper.
Haven't seen many pictures of the 360 except for this one where Marrilyn Monroe was being photographed.As mentioned before, Neville took these excellent shots. Please, no reproductions, but he can provide high quality copies at very reasonable costs. Email him at

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John L said...

This weekend at Pukekohe it looks like Trevor cracked it for a second in the Saturday race. There were 2 CanAm races today. In the first one, a spin or some other incident saw him drop down to about 6th or 7th where he remained to the end. Then in the second, he has worked his way back to 3rd at the end.