Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mark 7 with the Nagari doors - part 3

A relatively recent owner of the red Mark 7 was Craig S. Craig lives in Melbourne but the car had been in storage for quite a while at his parents place in Canberra while he pursued his business interests in Japan in the field of electric guitars and discovering interesting RHD sports cars and motorbikes along the way. He also owned the black Mark 7 below.
That's two very different and very interesting Mark 7s in the same hands, lucky man. However, when Craig returned to Australia he found the Victorian police on a mission. They were waiting around every corner in the streets of Melbourne and there was no opportunity to stretch the legs of these high powered machines. Both cars have been sold now, the red one going to Vic M in Wyoming which is like a suburb of Gosford which is just north of Woy Woy, and the black one has gone to Terry W in Ararat. Craig is certain that Vic will finish off the red car to perfection being a fitter and turner (and a former Adelaide resident). Meanwhile he's off to search for a Jensen Interceptor to idle around the city in.
As it happens, Dino was off for his Christmas holidays motoring around NSW and visited Peter Marr in Newcastle. Peter was going down to Wyoming to have a look at Vic's new acquisition. Dino went too and took a few photos, see below.
I'll post a few more shortly.

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