Friday, January 22, 2010

More on those A-arms

Matt J has sent some photos of those Racecraft A-arms.
Matt's been off the air for a while with the arrival of their first-born, a little girl. She's 6 months old now. The Mark 7 is back at George's again and work is about to re-commence. A 302W has been built for it. The chassis looks interesting as it sweeps wide to allow access to rear sparkplugs and to make room for extractors.
Peter K, the front spoiler Dino was referring to is actually a rubber one. Some people will remember the flares I had on the rear of my old dark green Nagari sports to keep it legal. They were made from that rubber 4WD moulding that you buy in lengths and cut to size. Roger used some of that moulding, shaped it and screwed it under his nose using big flat washers. If you screw the curved part to the car rather than the normal part it bends out into the shape of a spoiler. Roger is off having some skin cancers removed but next week he'll be able to take some photos of the front of his car and I'll post them here.

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