Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VMR Engineering - upcoming auction.

Poor old Gavin's not too well and the time has come to close the doors. The auction at Stepney is on June 22nd - see notice below.

Very Rare Vintage Car Parts and Machinery Auction! Unrepeated Opportunity to Own Some True Automotive History..... Auction June 22nd 2011, Stepney, South Australia
Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Austin Healey, MG parts – and more – will go up for auction on June 22nd, 2011, at Vintage Motor Engineering, Stepney, South Australia.
This is your one opportunity to own rare new and second hand original vintage car parts, original technical manuals, specialist quality hand tools and machinery plant and equipment collected over some 60 years.
Sadly, due to ill health, specialist vintage and veteran car restoration business, Vintage Motor Engineering (VME), will be closing its doors – presenting a unique opportunity for you to acquire some rare gems from automotive history.
VME Owner, Mr Gavin Sandford-Morgan (OAM), internationally renowned authority on English and European automotive classics, is finally hanging up the spanner after 20 years of restorative services to car enthusiasts around Australia and the world. Gavin has been an avid collector, restorer and racer of vintage and veteran cars for over 60 years. Many in the ‘car world’ will know of his reputation as a perfectionist in car restoration and a pedant in ensuring the authentic application of original craftsmanship in rebuilding some of the world’s most beautiful cars of bygone eras.
Whether you are a veteran enthusiast or an amateur collector, don’t miss this opportunity to bid for unique car parts and memorabilia.
Auction Date: From 10.30am Wednesday June 22, 2011
Viewing: Viewing prior 11am to 4pm, June 21 and from 9am June 22
Auctioneer: Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers
Web address:
Contact: Andrew Maros. Mob: 0418 845 884; Email:
Please note: The full catalogue of items up for auction is currently under development. However, key items can be viewed at the Auctioneer web-site. See direct link below:
Notification issued Sunday May 22, 2011

The catalogue is not out yet but I would urge you to go to the MSG website and get the slideshow happening. Certainly worth a look.


Colin said...

What an amazing guy. Must be in his 80's now. I guess he was in your area when you lived at Parkside.
Mr Gavin SANDFORD-MORGAN, 37 Fuller Street, Walkerville SA 5081
For service to the preservation and restoration of vintage and veteran cars, and to the
Involved in establishing the Birdwood Mill Pioneer, Art and Motor Museum as Chairman,
opened 1972; now known as the National Motor Museum of Australia.
Current Operator, Vintage Motor and Engineering; specialises in restoring vintage and
veteran cars.
Federal President, Rolls Royce Owner's Club of Australia; 1962 and 1965; instrumental in the
establishment of its South Australian Branch; Life Member, 1976.
Historic Car Specialist Consultant, Christie's Auction House.
Current Member, Sporting Car Club of South Australia.
Has made contributions to the preservation of historic buildings in South Australia, including
the restoration of Drumminor Homestead (1850s sandstone manor on Adelaide's outskirts).
Life Member, National Trust of South Australia.
Involved in the establishment of the Barossa Music Festival.
Contributor to the State Opera of South Australia, the Australian String Quartet, and the Art
Gallery of South Australia.
Established Liebherr-Australia Pty Ltd, 1981; sales and service of mining construction

John L said...

No, when we were at Parkside he was still living at Drumminor, on the Golden Grove Road. He was a bit keen on the Ikara when they first came out and we swapped cars for an afternoon. He took the black Ikara for a run and left me with his Ferrari 400GT. He was very good at imparting knowledge and when a few of us guys were in our late teens we used to be invited over to Drumminor on weekends to help with his cars. Among other things at the time he had a Vintage Bentley, the Type 37A Bugatti and a huge Veteran Itala.

Melanie said...

Hi all
Yes, dad is in his 80s! I'm sure he'd be chuffed that you think that he's amazing Colin, I'm biased, but I think he's pretty amazing too!
FYI - John, it's V.M. Engineering, not VMR Engineering.
BTW - we've been identifying bits for weeks and will be sending through an update for the next major chunk of catatloguing early next week.
Please remember to check - and of course, come along to the auction!

John L said...

Yes, Melanie, that was slips. We used to call the place Vintage Motor Restorations. That's probably how that happened.

Melanie said...

No sweat John
Again many thanks for your posts. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

G'day Melanie

Sorry to hear that this iconic business will be closing it's doors.
Gavin has some amazing vintage car parts. I wish all the best for the auction.


Unknown said...

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