Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Truro and District Dirt Circuit.

Actually it's at Dutton which is between Truro and Eudunda.
Before the racing starts they have a parade. A good chance for the kids to get a ride. Here's a few shots from the parade and the pits.
Next meeting won't be as dusty because they'll have the pump on the water truck fixed by then.


Art said...

Would that be north of Dutton, turn east onto Franklin Rd then at about 1.1km turn north onto access track?

John L said...

Something like that.

Colin said...

Are there accepted classes for racing at the track as there seems to be a great variety of vehicles running against each other from Grand National type vehicles to speedway stock cars or is it just the nature of a small track where it's run what you brung?

John L said...

They have classes for sedans and "open wheelers". The sedans are divided into A grade and B grade I think. It might get a bit more complex when there are more cars. It's growing at a fast rate and the locals are getting into it.