Friday, May 6, 2011

Mark 4B for sale.

For Sale
Bolwell MK 4B 

·      A brand new MK 4B body (straight from the mould) made by Fibercar, with Coremat strengthening.
·      Light weight tubular chassis to suit, made by or for David Bruce.
·      Numerous other bits of Mazda origin.
·      Some rose joints for suspension.
·      $10,000 ono
 Please call Scott Baxendale for further details  08 8338 1932 or 0428 827 226


Art said...

Now, if the lotto will cooperate just a bit ....

John L said...

Here, here.

Anonymous said...

It's a lazy $10k, a bargain.
But then again for maybe a little more (sensible offers only please!)you could DRIVE AWAY in a proven McArlus. Chassis number 1.

Art said...

Sorry, Simon, the McArlus doesn't do it for me, as nice as it is.