Thursday, May 19, 2011

Car Styling Quarterly April 1981.

If I remember correctly Graham has a copy of this. Well, I have too now, thanks to Duane. It's a hard cover quarterly publication out of Japan and this particular edition, apart from the Vespa and Yamaha scooters and American city buses, has a number of pages on the Ikara which I'm trying to scan on my dinky little A4 scanner, sort of not easy when it's an odd shape and hard cover. Anyway, here goes......
There's more yet but the last few don't seem to be working.


Anonymous said...

mmm looks abit like the one in your shed!

Yes I do have a copy...and if anybody else would like a copy they can buy it from this website

It's US$19.50 plus postage

A great addition to your Bolwell library


Anonymous said...

OK, the complete link doesn't appear but the link will get you the home page!

On the page that comes up scroll down and click on "Back Issues 1977-1988", the on the next page click on "Volume 034 Spring 1981"

Anonymous said...

Pity they couldn't get the story right.

No wonder people get confused about the number of actual Nagaris' built.

degruch said...

Oh, glad you got it John, I was going to email you! Brings back memories of peering into Tony Cullen's showroom in the early 1980's.