Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Interest Vehicle Register.

This is for South Australians only but is of interest to SA BCCA members and should be an agenda item at the up-coming meeting. A letter has arrived from the Federation chairman together with a survey regarding Special Interest Vehicles. Anyway, have a read and we'll talk about it on Tuesday night.

Fellow vehicle enthusiasts,

While it is not a part of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (SA) charter in catering for modified
vehicles, we do have a seat on the SIVG committee as it has a likely effect on the Conditional
Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme (CHVRS) we all currently enjoy for our unmodified vehicles.
The SIVG are trying to obtain a similar scheme to achieve a more equitable Registration scheme for
what are enthusiast vehicles that are driven irregularly.

We are comfortable that the proposal being discussed will not have an adverse affect on the current
scheme, and we are committed to ensuring that remains the case.

I ask that you take the time to assist in this task by completing the survey form and returning the
(scanned) survey results direct to:  Mark Moses c/o<> or
Robert Riggs c/o<> or fax
84045520 or ph 0403582140


Stephen Henderson
President FHMC SA

Phone:  +61 8 8343 7974
Fax:      +61 8 8343 8001
Mob:    +61 (0)408 494 864


David said...

We need a common sense scheme like this nationwide.
I live in hope.

John L said...

Don't we all, David.