Sunday, July 11, 2010

Truro District Raceway.

Today, Andrew Chris and I went out to Dutton to the very first race meeting at the Truro dirt circuit. Dirt circuit racing is a bit like speedway but with right turns as well as left turns. Boy, was I amazed - what a professional outfit. The last time I was there was when the boys took Andrew's buggy for a fang after the track had been laid out and the time before that for the erection of the toilets. In a short space of time really, the place has been transformed into something fantastic. The track is great, the competitors' area was chockers and so was the spectator car park - and the racing was really full on. Mainly sedans but they also have what they call "open wheelers" which are sort of like grunty sprintcars. They have speedway street stock and A and B grade sedans and ladies races. I'll have to learn the various eligibilities but there is such a variety. Entry level seems to be XF Falcons and there were lots of Commodores but there were XUIs, Cortinas, an EH with a mid-mounted 350 cu. in. V8, a 4WD Skyline, a WRX etc. etc.But a real highlight was the races for the kids. This orange Datto had this little kid driving. His brother was ahead of him in third. Just imagine, by the time they're about 15 they'll be experts.It was a bit of a motorsport weekend around here with this and the 24-hour bike trial which actually took all the trial bikes down our main street each lap. And, I've just finished watching MW take out the British GP.

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