Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Murphy's Mk.7........a bit more.

Sean says:- "The car I'm pictured with in 1971, talking to Dick, was his second Mk VII and was the one wrecked by whoever he sold the car to. This was a very special car and was a 4 layer (standard was 7 layers I believe) lightweight special order. Dad often speaks of having to move it by rolling the wheels as pressing on the body would damage it. He drove the car on a few occasions and says that while acceleration was impressive, it was its braking and handling that made it hard to beat."This photo is of Dick's first Mark 7. Where is that now? Dave Hamlin is rebuilding the second one, which has been no mean feat. It's coming along nicely, he's doing a great job. The intention is to race it. I can't wait.


Peter Murphy said...

Well blow me down, I reckon that would be me near the passengers door of the 'Cannington Auto Wreckers' HR ute.
And I think that is Charlie Stone sitting on the pit bench.

Peter M

Sean M said...

Peter, if you read this please contact me on 0413612810 or I'm trying to get in contact with your half brother Sean Murphy.


Sean Martin