Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B8/69 in green

For a brief period in the life of B8/69 it was green. It began life as a red car and is red to this day. When Mike Wiltshire built it it was the popular Nagari red of the time, same as Bernie's, and present owner, Scott, didn't have it long before choosing Porsche Guards Red (I think). But it was this green when he took delivery. I think it looks quite distinctive. Geoff Mann painted it that colour during his custodianship.There are members of the Mann family who would like to see the car return home. I have a feeling there might be some members of the Baxendale family who'd have something to say about that.


Anonymous said...

It was very unusual for a Nagari kit this late, do you know what the original Kit comprised of?
Scotts car has always had a much higher roor than other Sports, were they not supplied in the Kit?Also B8/59, was it supplied as a complete car less engine?


John L said...

I don't think it comprised of very much at all. Mike was a poor geology student at the time and worked in a rented garage (a bay in a BP service station in Wakefield Street) at night, gathering the bits he needed as he went. You'll notice some "different" things on the car that usually come in packages in kits, like the big wide Volvo number plate light for example (I think he was driving an old Volvo at the time).
B8/59 may well have been complete less engine and gearbox. That's how most of the Daryl Siggs cars came to SA. Keith English will read this and verify or deny that.
B8/69, by the way, came directly from Mordialloc and did not pass through the Governor Young Auto Port.

Colin said...

I remember Mike drove a 142 S Volvo when I visited the garage in Wakefield Street. These were produced between 1967 and 1972 so in 1972 when I joined the club the car could have been no older than 5 years or even nearly new. Could Keith English also reconfirm that B8/67 was supplied fully built from Bolwell as Don Nairne the original owner told me on 3 separate occasions that he ordered the car from Governor Young and that they had completed the car for him. Don employed my wife and PT's wife and PT and I used to catch up with him each year over red wine at the annual Xmas party and talk Bolwells. I appreciate in your expose on B8/67 you mention that it was factory built but even when I owned it in the 70's I believed it was a delete option kit to save sales tax. IE, it may have been virtually complete but sold as an incomplete car to save the tax. Any thoughts?

John L said...

I don't doubt it Col. As I said, a good proportion of the cars that came in through Gov. Young were minus engine and gearbox.