Monday, July 19, 2010

That bonnet

Kevin has dug up some old photos of his car showing the bonnet.And here's a couple of other cars with that bonnet style.But they were both racing cars in former lives.And talking of Kevin, he's redesigning the mould for the Cortina front lens and using different materials and techniques. Hopefully he'll have a high finish indestructible lens so that if a rock hits it, it will bounce off. He'll keep us posted on the outcome.


Anonymous said...

John, can you tell us more about those two cars, the Hanns and Gus' cars, do you have more photos? It must have been a sight, these two beasts to-gether at Mallala.
On the subject of Nagari bulges, I remember seeing a SA built Cobra copy, a WE Sportscars I think, it had the later style turned back to front, any knowledge of those?
Also on bulges, B8/1 was the only Nagari to have the MkVII style bulge, fitted as a scoop, that is post the flat bonnet style of the original promo photos.

John L said...

WE Cobras were the product of a guy called Evans who was Paul Wooley's brother in law. It would not be unusual for Bolwell bits to show up on the Wooley or Evans Cobras as they used to hang around the Bolwell mob. Remember, the Cobra Club grew out of the Bolwell Club. Eventually Evans and Wooley, despite the original family ties, became arch rivals.

Any photos of B8/1 with the scoop?