Thursday, July 15, 2010

Early and late Nagari bonnets

There was a time when there was a need to make a wider bonnet bulge for the Nagari. I'm only mentioning this because I've been asked about bulges a fair bit lately. Anyway this is the original narrow one. As you can see it springs from the days when carbies had pissy little air cleaners (or remote ones).That bulge is actually the one from the Mark 7 turned around the other way although on the Mk.7 it's a scoop not a bulge.The narrow bulge continued into the thirties (chassis numbers I mean) and were eventually replaced by this wider and more stylised one as the cars came out with the wide replacable air filters. This photo gives a better idea of how it looks. There aren't too many of the old style ones around any more because one by one they seem to be replaced by the newer type.

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