Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kapunda - week 1

It's seldom that I go down the street without seeing something interesting in the automotive world. So, I've decided to post a weekly shot of what I happen to see, starting today. This morning I found a large collection of cars from the Barossa club (including a very smart looking Austin Sheerline complete with the huge P100s) lined up outside the funeral parlour for some reason. Maybe they were there to be the first to collect Prime Minister Gillard's $2,000 for their old cars or perhaps they just couldn't find anywhere to park in the Main Street because most of the street was taken up with motorbikes from the Ulysses Club as their riders grew old disgracefully outside the pizza shop. Talking about Ms Gillard I couldn't help thinking yesterday that most of the cars she was leaning on during her cash for clunkers release were cars that I would aspire to if I were rich enough to buy one of them. Anyway, despite all this, I have chosen another picture altogether. Around the corner I discovered this Jensen Healey. It's actually a local car and the owner is a member of the local chapter of NARC.Now, while I've got the camera out, here's a few more photos I'll empty out. Firstly, this Jowett Javelin parked near the Willaston Hotel last week. A handy spot for interested people to notice the For Sale sign.And for all those who have been involved in the growing debate on modern wheel design and sizes this week, here's the wheel they use on recent model Aston Martins.And yesterday while out putting up corflutes, I took this photo of the polling booth in Marrabel. It's the "Oddfellows Hall".


Anonymous said...

I see the Jensen is in it's natural habitat -- by the side of the road with the bonnet up!

John L said...

They used the four cylinder Lotus engine that was in the Esprit. How reliable is that?