Thursday, July 22, 2010

F8/48 for sale.

Bolwell Nagari Sports F8/48
This is a damaged car that requires a Torana front end, Front clip plus other panel repairs.
Undamaged items include:
Set of laminated windows (including ¼'s & removable rear window)
Mercedes Benz material soft top & Torno cover
Interior carpet set (Mercedes black wool)
Wiper / Washer / Fan systems, Heater & Handbrake
Wood grain dash (Glove box lid signed by Campbell Bolwell)
Set of Auto Meter (Pro-Comp) gauges, Momo steering wheel
Wiring loom, Relays, Horns & Fuse box with wiring diagrams
Leather interior trim: Doors, Console, Dash & Rollbar
Aluminium Pedal Box assembly, Master cylinders: Brake & Clutch
Steering column with Gemini ignition & switches
Various Sway bars , Spring sets and 4 * Koni + 4 * Bilstein shocks
Wilwood 4 spot callipers, Group A rotors, Harrop steering arms
Locks, Hinges, Window winders & Door handles
Headlights, Indicators & Tail lights
5 Link Panhard rear end (4:11 ratio LSD)
17" Simmon rims 2 * 8" - 2 * 10"
New set of Proxy R888's - 235*17 & 255*17
Plus over two decades of Bolwell parts.

Expressions of interest welcome, call Dennis on 0401 145 817, NSW.

What happened Dennis?

This ad appears on the NSW Club website. I'm reproducing it here for the benefit of those people who have asked me about any open Bolwells for sale, including Colin L.

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