Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An exceptional Z

This is a 1970 Datsun Z432. It has a factory installed S20 Skyline 6-cylinder engine. 420 of these cars were built and from what I can see none have ventured outside Japan where they are understandably highly revered. They can't be called 240Zs because they were only two litres. They were Fairlady Z432s. The 4 represented the number of valves per cylinder, the 3 the number of carbies and the 2 the number of camshafts. They came with magnesium wheels, 5-speed transmission and "one of the sweetest engine notes you will ever find". This one is for sale for 8,800,000 Yen in Japan which is apparently quite reasonable. Going on tonight's exchange rate, that's A$104,761.


Colin said...

Remember when Allan and his dad had those Prince Skyline GTA and GTB cars. From memory the GTB has triple sidedraft Webers on a OHC 2 litre with a 5 speed back in the mid sixties. Had a huge fuel tank too I think. They would have been a forerunner of this Z car

Colin said...

My 240K in the early 70's had the 2.4 litre six and 5 speed but they made a homologation special in Japan using the motor you see in this Z car and sold as a Prince Skyline GT. Bolt on flares and all.Very collectible in Japan as I guess this Z car is.