Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Mark 7 with a boot

Pete G has directed us to these photos taken by Mark Cleaves in November 1981 in Sydney, most likely at John Thompson Sports Cars. It has NSW rego, CL-215 and most likely the previous owner had the initials CL. Was all this before it went to Queensland or did it start in Q, then go to NSW and then back again?It has to be the same car despite the different bonnet etc. I have a strong feeling I knew that it was built in Sydney. There's a yellow one as well in picture 4.
.......and from Stacey N comes the news that his friend Sean owns that Mk.7. Sean has a heavy workload but Stacey has been on his back to get it licensed. He's offered to help and hopefully it will be on the road this year. Sean's dad used to help with the Dick Murphy car at Wanneroo and has photos of him and his dad at Wanneroo.
Stacey refers to himself as the "Pres until the AGM" at which time everybody votes in the Curries for every position as they are tracking across the top of the country.

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John L said...

Doesn't the "K" on the end of the chassis number mean it's a Kadala car? But it's got the old nuberplate surround. Is this a case of "what would you like for a chassis number?"