Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mark 7 with a boot

I've heard from Sean Martin, the current owner of "the Mark 7 with a boot" and he's sent some pictures. Firstly though here's some photos of the car being built on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in 1975.Sean says "I did buy the Mark 7 with a boot from Jeff Barry in 2004 and have owned it ever since. It's seen very little bitumen but I did drive it around a fair bit for the first year or so.....under "repair" permits. It's been on blocks for a long time while I've been renovating our home, throw in a lot of travel with my job and consequently things haven't advanced much. What I can say is that the car is a gem, it was well built from the start and was well sorted later on in its life. It was originally built with a 186 and a 3 speed Holden box, had a turbo motor at one stage and now has a mild 202 coupled to a M20 4 speed."It's still looking good don't you think?

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