Sunday, May 30, 2010

under the bonnet and under everything else

This is the bonnet...............and this is under it.Specs.
Imported late model 351 Windsor (stroked to 363)
Dart Iron Eagle heads - ported
2.02 & 1.6 Chev valves
Crane cam, lifters, springs and retainers
Edelbrock Performer manifold
800 cfm D/P New Generation Holley
Keith Black 136060 hypereutectic pistons
Speed Pro rings, Felpro gaskets
Yella Terra lightened steel flywheel
11" F250/350 Hays clutch
Yella Terra roller rockers
ceramic coated 1&7/8 tuned length extractors
full 3" HiFlow exhaust
Approx. 450bhp @ 6,800 RPM
has run 11.6 @ 121 mph 1/4 mile in WA
uses PULP fuel or Super PULP or Avgas

and for the rest.....
Ford close ratio Toploader gearbox (XYGT)
brake m/cyl - Falcon - recent recon.
Front brakes 13" rotors HSV5000 2 spot VT Commodore
HR front end, modified top arms and pickup points
HQ stub axles
Rear end Mercedes 630 SL
12" rotors
rear calipers VN V8 Corvette type
brake bias valve
power booster to front brakes only.
90 litre fuel tank
BBS 3 piece rims - 16 x 6 (2), 16 x 8 (2), 17 x 10 (2)
brakes all use "Metal King pads"

Well, there's a bit of information for you.

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