Saturday, May 8, 2010

Division 4

This is a frame from an episode of Division 4 in the early 70s. Damien, in Canberra, showed me this and he describes the episode in detail in his excellent blog, "On Four Wheels" along with more photographs. You'll find "On Four Wheels" in the links. In another post, from October 2009, are photos of the two Nagaris at the Binalong Museum that belong to Sean. Damien's other blog, "Capital Diecast Garage" is also in the links.


Anonymous said...

has this blog stopped, or are you having a break John??

John L said...

Sorry Anonymous. It wasn't an intended break. It's been conspiring against me I think. I haven't been able to get the internet for about 3 weeks and the old PC has been misbehaving. On top of that I had a bit of an accident and it still hurts to breathe. Anyway, today I bought a brand new MacBook and life's good.

John L said...

Peter G wrote :- This one is an interesting find. I have seen a Matlock Police Ep. with B8/93 LMR-222 in it, but I don't know the car used in this Div4.
Note: Cortina front park/indicators, driving/landing lights in front nose cone, Vic rego, and Torana/Monaro mirrors - I have never seen another car fitted with these. I had them on my 240Z & know how heavy they are. I wonder how long the weight would take to rip the fibreglass?