Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rear engined Bolwell

This photo was taken at Lakeland in 1965. It's described as a Porsche-Bolwell. I'm assuming it's a Porsche chassis with some Mark 4 body panels. Does anybody remember it?


John L said...

I have read eslewhere that it's a Bolwell-Porsche and is actually a Bolwell fitted with a Porsche engine and is described as one of the "more interesting and successful Bolwell specials.

Colin said...

Th big questions: Where is it now?

John L said...

Art C over at Manoora reckoned he remembers it and checked with his older brother who came up with an old photo. Turned out to be something else - a 356 with a snotted front replaced with a fibreglass front. It's probably been restored as a 356 again now.