Saturday, May 1, 2010

There was actually a hillclimb.

Just in case you were wondering. "Come and try" turned out to be better than expected especially for the young ones and bodes well for the future. It was an "enter on the day" situation and nobody knew how many would turn up. As it turned out there were that many they were starting to wonder if they could fit them all in. I think everybody got 3 runs though so that's not bad. This is Doug Lehmann with his recently acquired Evo IX showing everyone how it should be done.
And this is a very quick XF Falcon ute. A very noisy one too.
This is why. It's a 351 Windsor out to about 383. Not as big as a certain orange 427 but I bet it'd give it a run for its money.You can't have an event without a Datto in it so here it is, a 2000 sports. See that little white Mk.2 Escort just disappearing behind the big tree? There were 2 15 year olds sharing the driving, a young lady and a young man. They improved their times with each run.
You certainly knew when this RX4 was going to make a run. It's a PP job and the blap-blap-blap was enough to wake up the dead.I would have shown a picture of Daryl Siggs' campervan going up the hill but he was too quick for me.

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