Sunday, May 30, 2010

other modes of transport

Can't offer you much in the way of vehicles at the moment as I sit in this godforsaken place except this single seater open wheeler. It doesn't get used much and there's nothing really striking about it except that it's got WARBLER written across the back.More interesting is Giovanni in the bed opposite me. He's a bit off colour but he'll be alright. Trouble is he's got over 40 family members around him that have come for the last goodbye which was a surprise to him. They're all shouting in Italian, it's like Central Station. Oh Christ! Here comes another half a dozen. None of them seem to realise Giovanni's even there. Now they are splitting into 2 groups. The men are over my side complaining about Adelaide United Football Club (coached by a Greek you know), can't get the gist of what's worrying the women. It's no use trying to go to sleep. I might cut my toenails or something like that. Hope they don't all leave at once, they won't all fit in the lift.


Maxichamp said...

John, I don't know what you're dealing with but I hope you get well soon.

And by the way, Webber was robbed by that punk Vettel today.

John L said...

I wouldn't say punk, just not very bright.