Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter - where to next year?

To all of those people emailing me about where Easter is going to be next year, I apologise for not having replied. The reason is that I didn't know and tried to do my homework. I had heard that NSW had taken on the the task of organising it and they had selected Narrandera. Accomodation is a bit tricky there due to the Easter hotrod thing but for a number of reasons the NSW branch aren't in a position to do it this time. It's back to the drawing board and the Victorian club have come to the rescue and John Hartney in particular. Both the Victorian and South Australian clubs have their meetings tonight and I'm sure some ideas will get tossed around in both places but if you have any bright ideas for a venue give John a ring on 03-9762 6248.
Meanwhile, Peter G has extracted this photo from Henry's archive, taken at the 1989 gathering in Perth. Apart from Stacey's Hunter and Roger's RX7 down the back, there are 8 Nagaris in this picture. Peter is asking what are the chassis numbers of all 8? He already knows so I think he ought to come up with a prize for the "neatest correct entry".

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John L said...

It could have been more difficult. There were actually 10 Nagaris there that year.