Monday, May 3, 2010

Talking of hillclimbs, Mt. Alma was a few weeks ago.

Sorry all you Bolwell starved readers (I promise I'll get back to important things starting tomorrow), there weren't any to be found at Mt. Alma, not on the day I went. This is surprising because at the meeting the week before there were enough keen people to actually set a meeting place, time and day for an organised run down there. Andrew and I found no-one at the designated meeting place and no-one down at Mt. Alma. There must have been a change of plan but not being in the loop I don't get to hear about these things. No Bollies, but there were plenty of other nice cars. Late series RX7s are smart looking units, like this one below.
And this much more radical black one showing signs of a bit of use. It was pretty quick too.
While on the subject of quick Mazdas, congratulations to Clinton Faustmann in the 4-door RX3. 15th out of that field of 150 is no mean feat.
And talking about quick black sporties, here's Dave Hall's Z. That was pretty fast too. David is Peter's son. Peter was there with his white example and I saw him go up the hill on the practice run, but nothing after that. Same for the purple and yellow example of Kevin Mackrell. Something drastic must have happened to that.
This orange Z I've never seen before but it was certainly a smart looking unit.
I could go on showing you more Zs but I'd better not bore you.
This really attractive NSX caught my eye, though, at the bottom of the hill.

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R.H. said...

Marvellous photos, I love the old sports jobs. And the little Zeta; very cute. Speed isn't everything.