Saturday, May 29, 2010

From CH-353 to XAP-999

For most of its life XAP-999 was a white car. It was also light green on its way to being red. For most of its life it had a 289 Windsor before being fitted with the 351. For most of its life it lived in WA before eventually coming to SA.
The car is a 1969 model, first registered in Chittering WA on 4th July,1973 plate no. CH 353.
It's still for sale and here's a bit of its history, well, a list of owners anyway.
1. David B. Cole (CH353) Chittering, then Broome. 289 Windsor white
2. Mal Curd 289 Windsor white
3. Errol DuBoulay (1979-1993) 289 Windsor white
4. Bill Axel, Coolgardie 289 Windsor pastel green
5. Greg Nicholas (NGN10693) Narrogin WA 351 Windsor red
6. Steve Rowley (XAP999) Kingston SE (SA) 351 Windsor red
7. Colin McAskill, Sth. Plympton SA 351 Windsor red

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