Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Mark 4

Remember Tim B? He's in the Wodonga area these days and still has his Mark 4. See below.Tim has entered the debate on the variety of Mark 4 engines with his own version - Fiat 1438cc dohc.
While on the subject of Mark 4s, on the way home from Collingrove, I heard this tinkle on the road and now I know what it was.
It was the cover falling off the numberplate light. Does anybody have a spare Lucas lamp?


Anonymous said...

Hi John, sorry to hear you have not been well.... i sent through some pics of my MK7 build, did you get them?? MJ

John L said...

No, haven't seen them. I have passed your name on to Barry in Perth who is embarking on a caravaning trip across NT and Qld and is looking to get his Bolwell fix from time to time.