Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Folden

I'm sure most of us have heard by now of the radio station in New Zealand that put a Mustang front on a HQ Holden, fitted a Ford V8 and called it a Folden, just to stir up the Ford and Holden fanatics. Stacey had some photos and here's some of them. I reckon it doesn't look half bad.


Anonymous said...

It may have been more interesting if the base vehicle was a Monaro, had side scoops and had some version of the early Mustang rear lights. I wouldn't bid on something like that! Eek.

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit too much like a Photoshop job to me!
Or do we believe a real artist in metal has shifted the character line on the Mustang guard and headlight surround a bunch?

John L said...

I hope it's a real car. It's being auctioned for charity shortly.

Anonymous said...

Velly interesting!!
Dunno what they did for wheel clearance as there's no inner guard bulge so characteristic of the Holden and literally directly under which is the front wheel and suspension.
No upper tower there for a Ford top mounted spring and shock either. Maybe a really compact upper and lower control arm with integrated spring/shock arrangement has been squeezed in.
The front left frame rail MIGHT be Holden but if so it's lost all the mounting crap for the upper control arm. But then it isn't Ford Mustang either as it turns out toward the sill rail which Ford doesn't do.
The cross member certainly isn't Holden as it doesn't sweep forward under the front of the engine.
Hmm, must be one of those Bronco oil pans in there, not enough room for a front sump and Fords can't run just a rear sump as the oil pump hangs down under the front.

Still looks fishy!

Anonymous said...

It turns out that parts of the Mustang panels have been grafted on to stubs of the Holden sheet metal and all hung onto a Holden sub structure.
The inner guards have been 'slabbed' with sheet metal, probably just to change the appearance.
It has a replacement cross member and a Bronco style (double sump) to get the Ford engine in there.
Ah well, I guess that just shows how silly some people can be!