Monday, June 15, 2009

Nagari on Youtube

Simon Peryer sent me some Youtube footage of him and his Nagari competing in a sprint meeting at Pukekohe in NZ. You'll find it in the Video Bar. When I added it to the list I typed in "Pukekohe1" which was its title but I think that opened up a few more Pukekohe videos. However, you might find them enjoyable too. The car that Simon seems to be running with is a Redline Clubman which I presume is a New Zealand made car. Anyway, these two cars were the first and second FTDs and the meeting was organised by the Escort Car Club. After taking in the racing, my next impression was how different Pukekohe is from how I remember it about 20 years ago, but then again it's probably the same at any race track that's been going for a while. Just imagine if the last time you were at Mallala was 20 years ago and then you went back there today. Remember the WW2 hangar in the middle? This is a photo of the car from the outside taken with a couple of familiar Victorian Mark 7s before it changed countries.
A few months ago, Robert W in Tasmania wrote asking if anybody knew what had happened to his old Nagari no. B8/21 and we were able to tell him that it had gone to New Zealand and put him in touch with Simon. From this, Simon was able to discover that his car has more interesting history than he realised.
"The original car was built with no engine or gearbox, which explains no engine number on the body tag (I had assumed it was built as an early kit, being #21). It was then turned into a transam replica/show car, with flared guards etc (I'd like to see some photos). After Robert bought it, it was rebodied and a new chassis made by Royce Marion, since the original body was significantly altered (although I believe it is now being rebuilt). The chassis apparently was subject to a 100 page report and was designed for the toploader as opposed to the Japanese 5 speeds. Then the new body/chassis had a 383ci(?) Chev engine fitted. It competed in the first Targa Tasmania and won a plate. The original 302 was refitted and the front and rear spoilers removed when it was swapped for a Manta Mirage, which Robert still has. I then purchased it off the guy who traded the Manta. The car as I have it now is certainly nice and easy to drive, but Robert says it wasn't always so when he had it, so it's been great to have a chat to Robert about the developments over time." - Simon.


John L said...

Thankyou Fred Podner for the photograph.

Colin said...

What! The hangars gone? Now i won't be able to sleep at night.