Monday, June 22, 2009

The Marr website.

I'm just about to delete the link to Peter and Debbie's Bolwell website. The reason is that they are shutting it down. The pages were mainly descriptions of work done and I really enjoyed them and gained from them and I know I'm not the only one. Peter and Debbie's current Bolwell is a late build, low milage Nagari coupe - B8/113. I have read articles in Slipstream of updates and improvements to this car but generally it is a very nice original car and what more can you talk about? The main modification was made to the roofline by Peter Garvin on April Fools Day last year but that has been rectified now. Now that the site is closed I thought I'd leave everyone with a few photos of B8/113 from that site.


Colin said...

Is there a role for you and others to take over the maintenance of such informative websites before they are killed off.

Once gone they are gone forever

I will investigate the costs of hosting such sites
In fact perhaps we could use one of our servers for the task
What do you think?

John L said...

Yes it would be great. There is so much useful information that could be stored in an archive.

John L said...

Peter is Bollyless for now. B8/113 has gone to Geoff and Brett. You can't have too many Nagaris in the family can you really?