Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Alan Edwards Nagari, where is it now?

Alan Edwards came on to the Nagari racing scene pretty early in the piece. Not as early as Ranald or Peter Warren or Steve Webb perhaps, but pretty early nevertheless. His car was, like John's, previously owned by Ranald. I remember Ranald's son (not Ranald the 2nd) saying somewhere (might have been at the Mk.10 launch) that his dad noticed a Nagari body on a trailer on its way to the tip and he followed it and acquired it and subsequently turned it into a racecar. I wonder if this is the one. I'm fairly sure that the car was built from bits, i.e. no factory history. (Please pick me up on this, Rohan, if I'm wrong.) Anyway, it was a beauty and always seemed to perform quite well. I seem to recall Alan with a Datsun 2000 as well prior to the Bolwell. This photo below was taken at Calder in its early days in its red white and blue livery.And this one is of Alan leading Barry Main and John Gourlay at AIR on the approach to the reverse camber.
The following three photos show a couple of later colour schemes.
I must say I have Alan to thank for supplying me with one of those Nagari front spoilers from which we took a mould which turned out to be rather useful over the years. Most of the Nagari race cars have ended up becoming road cars in some way or other. I have never heard that this happened with Alan's racer. He may still have it for all I know.


Alan Edwards the Legend said...

Hi, I'm here in Hampton Vic. I sold the Datsun and the Bowell. I am now homeless and lonely, at least I have my lovely wife and family.

Johno said...

Hi mate, Johno here and I think that's a load of rubbish! Why would you be lonely but have a wife and family??!!!!!!

You liar!!!!

James Edwards Boat Builder said...

James was here ( a point in time )

Hey I'm also homeless and are you the guy on the corner of Bridge Street pinching elderly lady's handbags.

I like your style!!!!!