Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 4-cylinder Mark 7.

We've had a 4-cylinder Nagari which was pretty unusual but I reckon a 4-cylinder Mark 7 is just as unusual. Here's one. Datsun powered of course. We all know about how quick Datsun 1600s and Datsun 2000s were, so this was a pretty reasonable choice really. It was the car that Rob Wilson's younger brother built. Bolwells were a big part of life in the Wilson family and included the Mark 5, the Mark 7 and the Nagari. This photo goes back to when the car was being built. It was completed and later both Wilson brothers moved to Western Australia. I presume it is still over there somewhere.


Colin said...

In the early 70's there was the Triumph TR4 chassied and running gear Mk 7 in Adelaide too. and the TR4 powered Mk 7 in Melbourne - beautifully finished too.

John L said...

I remember the Mark 7 body on the TR4 chassis at Patrick Plastics on Payneham Road I think. It was so high off the ground it looked like a 4WD version. I think you had a hand in mating it to a more appropriate chassis. Is it the one that was destroyed by fire in Whyalla by any chance?

Colin said...

I think so. Had the usual red motor fitted after mated with Ron's original chassis. Also had a great Hillman Hunter 770 dash which looked very up market and seemed to fit well. I have emailed a pic of this to you just now.