Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on the yellow Mark 7

From Peter has come a follow-up to an earlier post today.
"Thought I might provide a bit more information about the car and the roofline. The roof was raised about 25mm at the B pillar. The floor was lowered 25mm under the seats. This work was done by Richard prior to my purchasing the car. The seats are 928 Porsche and were gutted and custom fitted to me by the upholsterer to be as low to the floor as possible. I really needed the room. With a helmet on my head still touches the roof.

On the basis of your before and after photos I thought I might include 2 of the interior as well as a profile shot. By the way it's the same steering wheel in both shots.

Also thanks for the help with registration as the car has passed and is now registered."
I was wondering about the rego. I'm glad that part is out of the way. Doesn't time fly. Jane and I were up in Brisbane when Richard was doing the alterations to the roofline. He's a very tall man. That was about 10 years ago now. Makes me think I'd better get cracking on my cars. They won't be much use to me in Resthaven.


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