Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Earlier in the month Peter G sent me some photos from the Seaforth GP (Grand Parade) about the mid to late 80s. Among them was a couple of pictures of a fairly rare DeTomaso Vallelunga. The Vallelunga preceded the Mangusta and only about 50 or so were produced (in 1965-66). Peter made the comment that the rear window would be of similar size and shape to a Mark 5. There are though, other Bolwell characteristics in my opinion. Like the apparently well built fibreglass body and the backbone chassis. I have read that there have been long arguments about who came up with the chassis idea first, Allesandro DeTomaso or Colin Chapman. I believe Chapman wins. These cars were powered by 4-cylinder Ford Cortina units, mid mounted, and used Volksy transaxles with Hewland gear sets.
Here's a couple of other thumbnails of another Vallelunga living in California.

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