Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Customline station wagons

A few weeks ago, Feb. 22nd to be exact, a pile of interesting cars turned up in Kapunda's main street. It was the Gawler Car Club looking for morning tea on their way to the Barossa Junction motor museum (** see note below). Little did they know that on a Sunday morning only one of the 4 cafes in town would be open, at least until after church. The pubs are all open though. Maybe it was a bit early to be hanging out in a pub. Anyway, what caught my eye was a red and white Cusso wagon but while I was digging out my camera it drove off. Thanks to Trevor Unsworth who seems to photograph anything that moves, and with his permission of course, I nicked this picture of the wagon from the Gawler Club's report on that run (see links). My interest was, although it is a very rare vehicle in this country, compared to the sedans, it looks identical to one that is in our club, belonging to Peter R who has a farm property in Keith.
**The museum at Barossa Junction, in addition to the large array of Ariel motorbikes, is a comprehensive collection of Chevrolets, so complete that it even includes one of the Chev V8s made in 1917-18. A lot of people didn't realise that Chevs made a V8 way back then. It's a pity others don't share my interest in vehicles so diverse or we could have gone and had a look at Easter time.


Anonymous said...

John, my first car at 16 was a 1959 Ranchwagon 332ci big block and 2 speed auto, later one of my friends had a Star Model wagon that he sold before it was fully restored, it was Grey with White and Red flashes along the side trim. You may ask how I got into Bolwells after starting with 'Tanks' I honestly don't know.

John L said...

I don't think you are the only one. After being brought up on Chevs I started with Buicks.