Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Valano

Peter G found an article on the Valano in the July 1965 SCW. Happy reading. well as this photograph of it in a newer colour scheme.

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Colin said...

I remember examining the Valano at a sports car display in the mall at Arndale Shopping Centre in 1965. My memory was it was BRG with white wheels tho the SCW article states dark grey metallic duco.At the time my dad had 2 A40's he was rebuilding into a fibreglass bodied sportscar so the Valano body was of much interest to me as he was looking at Buchanan and Milano bodies. My uncle then built a grey motored rail to race at Brooksfield so the A40 project was sold on to someone else who collected the cars with a hot Mainline ute which made quite an impression on me as a 14 year old. My initial intro to Bollies came as my folks sent away for a MK 5 brochure at that time. The idea was dad and I could get some father son time building a car - choice was the Bollie, my cousin's channelled 37 Ford Coupe hot rod or perhaps my mum's mint FJ special. You guessed it...I got the FJ as they considered the hotrod too fast (120 mph) and the sportscar too much work