Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off the air.

I've been off the air for a few days, reason being I haven't been near a computer much (the laptop's still coming). On Thursday Andrew and I set off fairly early to go down to Casterton for the funeral of my long time mate and former business partner, Jim Kelly. Jim was an Austin Healey man to the end. His particular Healey was a reasonably well known Australian special called the MelMac (built and raced by Mel McEwin) and started life as a 100/4 but has a great big Rootes supercharger from a Commer Knocker mounted ahead of the engine with two carbies sitting on top and modified front bodywork. No Robbie, it won't be for sale. Jim has 5 sons and it is their intention to restore the car and keep it in his honour.
I took the photo below to show Chocko, my little chocolate coloured kelpie, where her heritage began, and all my kelpie owning friends can do likewise. On the way home we detoured slightly via Mt. Gambier and called in on Pat and Alec at their heating/cooling shop in Sturt Street. The matt black Mk.7 was tucked away out the back where the big hatchback is undergoing modification and the old VG Valiant ute fuel tank is being replaced with a purpose built aluminium one. This is it in the car and about to be hooked up.
Those who went along last Easter will have seen it but lots haven't - their ceramic reproduction of their car. The guy who does them has a website and I'll see if I can get hold of it and post it in the links. He only charges about $150, I think, for these personalised little beauties. It's plain to see that this is the Hamilton Mk.7 with the correct flares, wheels, front grille, bonnet scoop, door window frames, hatchback hinges, numberplate etc.

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