Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mark 7 replica

We've all been aware of the odd Nagari replica and Mark 4 replica but how many people are aware of Mark 7 replicas? The photo below was taken in 1978. The car has a very well constructed chassis which was a copy of a Mk.7 chassis. At the time of the photograph the body was brand new. It was not a Victorian club car I dare to say because the rear window was not rounded at the corners. The window frames on the doors were rounded and the bonnet was cut out to facilitate a V8 (although it has a Holden 6 in it these days). The car was found on a farm south of Warragul and eventually sold to a couple of brothers in Pinnaroo. Ringing any bells? Yes, it resides in South Australia's South East and we are hoping to see it again this Easter in Tanunda.

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